from Kickstand by Gimme My Bike




Written by: Jim Senderhauf

let the words come down through me
and get me out of the way
this is the purest thing
that i ever hope to say

with all the clutter
of my clever thinking
jokes to be made
the noise has me sinking

And though I may have been gifted
with heightened awareness
of moods as they change
she couldn't care less

I only wanted to tell her goodbye
I only wanted to tell her goodbye

I can see myself saying
the things that I should be
like my favorite resentment
it all unfolds before me

I am holding your hand as you cry
It is what's now showing in my mind
as i hover above and float near the ceiling
You hold my cold hand and say I'm unfeeling

I only wanted to tell her goodbye
I didn't want to be unkind

I am screaming inside
but i think that i'm protecting
you from the truth
that you're already suspecting

So i compose
a credible ending
with logic and blocking
but I am pretending

And thanks to my talents
you draw the conclusion
that it's best for us both
but it is i who is losing...


So close up the curtains
and turn out the lights
I have poorly scripted
most of my life

My last run on broadway
it's my final call
this act runs forever
and i'm winging it all

I want to walk around corners
and see midgets on stilts
I want scary music
to precede my guilt
I want beginnings that end
and stars that die
I want mysteries that never tell..



from Kickstand, released May 16, 2015


all rights reserved



Gimme My Bike Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Gimme My Bike is a punky poppy three piece Wisconsin band from 2000-2005(ish) that gestated 10 years to produce their release "Kickstand" intended as a finale. But they ain't dead yet.

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